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Your Complete Dental Credentialing Service, Building Stronger PPO Networks for Over 50 Years

Fully certified by The NCQA, Dentistat is the only Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) that works with all dental plans and networks. We focus solely on the dental industry so we can offer more robust solutions for building high-quality, cost-effective networks.


Unlike other Credentials Verification Organizations, Dentistat focuses only on the dental industry.

Quality Assurance

We re-credential networks every 3 years, keeping them stable and making sure that as many dentists as possible are able to remain in the network.

Quality Network

Only dentists with a proven history of responsible billing and bona fide professional credentials are accepted into our client's PPO network.

Timely Service

We provide fast, accurate turnaround and low-cost solutions, helping our clients to quickly build and maintain a strong network.

Our Services

We provide our clients with the tools that they require to build high-quality and cost-effective networks. With 5 decades of experience in the dental benefits industry, over 80,000 approved dentists, and a highly trained staff, our clients benefit from a well-managed network.

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Streamline your verification process

Gain access to the best dental insurance networks

Strengthen your marketing story

Track the certification process with your online dashboard

Save on cost and increase quality with Utilization Management

Manage multiple applications efficiently and in real time

Fully NCQA Certified

Dentistat is proud to be certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. NCQA is a nonprofit organization in the United States that works to improve health care quality.

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